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With LOUPE, you are ready to gain insights into local, urban people-environment interactions and perceptions. LOUPE is envisioned as a versatile, open-scope, privacy-friendly and extendible PPGIS framework to enable location-based citizen science and participation.


LOUPE is based on activities. Activities are conceptualized as questionnaires or prompts for specific user actions and inputs.

Location matters

Activities may be linked to specific locations, districts, cities, or regions, in line with and dependent on an activity's objectives and desired target groups.

Runs everywhere

LOUPE is an interactive, multi-tier PPGIS framework. LOUPE features dedicated mobile apps and responsive web applications.

On-the-go insights

LOUPE provides the tools needed to obtain immediate insights into the collected data.

Our team

Dr. Sebastian Scheuer

Daniel Wienhöfer

Jessica Jache